Star pillows – finally finished

So, I had (well, still have) the intention to decorate Drake’s room with a Super Mario Bros. theme, but unfortunately I got pretty lazy during pregnancy (well ok, I was lazy to begin with) and didn’t end up doing much with it. I started knitting these pillows last June, finished one of them in a semi-timely fashion, then knit the pieces of the second and they languished…and languished…and languished. Finally a few weeks ago, I seamed the second star, then let it languish a little longer. Today I stuffed the second star and sewed the eyes on both of them, which means these stars took as long to finish as Drake did to gestate.

In hindsight, I probably should have either made the pillows out of fabric, or made a pillow form to put inside the knit fabric, because I’m a little concerned that the stuffing could seep through the holes in the knitting. But these are meant to be more decorative than functional, so they’ll probably be fine. Live and learn!


Pattern: Knit Star Pillow

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash

6 Comments on “Star pillows – finally finished”

  1. darciad says:

    They’re very cute! Even for a non-Mario Brothers fan! ; )

  2. Ria says:

    They’re really cute!

  3. So I’m going to add to the awesomeness comments. Sadly, I can’t seem to link this so I don’t show up on your “bloggers who like this” but I did add you to my blogroll!

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