Salsa Chicken

Oddly enough, I use my crock pot way more often now that I’m at home all day than I did when I was working at my job. With a commute added in, I couldn’t really do recipes that took less than 9-10 hours, and there are a lot of recipes with shorter cooking times (even on low) that I had to pass over.

Salsa chicken has become one of my favorite recipes to make in the crock pot. It has a very high ratio of deliciousness to effort.


I use Fake Ginger’s recipe. (Usually I don’t have taco seasoning in the house so I make my own.) I like to serve it over brown rice and fry up some tortilla strips to sprinkle on top. This time around, I also threw some green onions on there. Kevin raves every time I make this!

2 Comments on “Salsa Chicken”

  1. Tasty. Can I come over?

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