Sunshine and green onions

It’s unseasonably warm for March in Wisconsin. Today it was a little over 60 degrees and sunny, and it’s supposed to be in the 70s for the rest of the week. Kevin, Drake and I took a walk this afternoon, but we had to cut it shorter than we wanted to because Drake was overtired and whiny and didn’t seem to want to fall asleep in the stroller. He’s napping now, thank goodness! (I probably should be too, since I got maybe two hours of sleep total last night, yet here I am blogging instead.)

Ever since I came across a Pinterest link to this post, I’ve been wanting to put some green onions in water and regrow them. Thanks to the salsa chicken I made yesterday, I had some green onion stumps and an empty salsa jar. I cut the onions short, put some water in the jar, and stuck the onions in there. Already the center layers of the onions have visibly grown. I only wish I’d had more than four onions!


I really have no green thumb whatsoever, yet this year I’m entertaining aspirations to make some sort of small vegetable garden in my yard. So I guess I’ll consider this my first tiny step into the world of growing food!

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