Mexican Pulled Pork Quesadillas

A few days ago I had Real Mom Kitchen’s Mexican Pulled Pork cooking in the crock pot all day, making the house smell amazing. I’d made it once before and made burritos out of it, but Kevin was impatient waiting for the burritos to bake in the oven, so this time I made quesadillas instead.


(I couldn’t get to it with the camera before Kevin ate two slices.)

I don’t really have a recipe; I just made the pork as per Real Mom Kitchen’s recipe, then spooned a bit of the meat and some shredded Colby-Jack cheese into a flour tortilla, folded it in half, and fried it on each side in a little oil for a few minutes until nicely browned and melty. I ate mine with some salsa and sour cream for dipping. Mmmmmm.

One Comment on “Mexican Pulled Pork Quesadillas”

  1. behnnie says:

    This isn’t helping my commitment to MyFitnessPal. :\

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