220 Hours

It occurs to me that so far my blog has been pretty heavy on the “Domestique” and not as much on the “Geek,” so I’m going to talk about video games for a little bit.

For Christmas, Kevin’s brothers gave me Skyrim, and I started playing it the day after Christmas. I created a female Nord warrior named “Skalmöld,” which is a Valkyrie name meaning “sword-time.” Clever, eh? Other than the fact that I almost never actually used a sword. (I favored the warhammers and battle axes. I did get a kick out of the guards saying “The gods gave you two hands, and you use them both for your weapon. I can respect that.”)

I “finished” playing it on March 2, and by “finished” (because how do you finish a completely open game that generates random quests indefinitely?) I mean I got the final XBox 360 achievement for it (50 out of 50, baby!) and finally allowed myself to move on to something else.

Out of the approximately 68 days between starting the game and putting it down, I logged over 220 hours of game time. That equates to nine solid days, an average of 3.2 hours per day over those 68 days, about 13% of my time. Not too bad (or maybe not too good?) considering I also have a baby to look after! Of course, a lot of that game time took place while nursing (which doesn’t work as well these days; he’s taken a keen interest in the XBox controllers!) or when Drake was sleeping or under Kevin’s care.

By the end of it, it was honestly feeling more like a job than a game. I’d already completed the main questline, the faction questlines, and a fair amount of randomly generated quests and unique quests. The last achievement I needed was to reach level 50, and I admit I pretty much churned out levels 42-50 by leveling the crap out of my smithing, enchanting, and alchemy. I ended up smithing a pretty nice set of legendary ebony armor, but of course I barely ended up using it since I unceremoniously abandoned the game once that last achievement popped up.


It seems like it’s been much longer than 26 days since I stopped playing. Is that a sign of withdrawal? Oh well, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is keeping my attention for now, but one of these days maybe I’ll pick up Skyrim and plunk around a bit more.

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