Race recap!

Saturday I ran the Summerfest Rock ‘n’ Sole quarter marathon. I woke up a little after 5 AM (!) and it was pouring. Talk about demoralizing. I had to keep reminding myself that I’ve run in worse weather than that. (I ran during a Wisconsin winter, after all!)

My mom showed up to the house at about 5:30, and I woke the boys up and we got ready to head down to the lakefront. Drake was a real champ; he usually wakes up at about that time anyway, but we usually nurse for awhile in bed. He seemed totally fine with getting ready and going in the car instead, which was a relief. Getting to see Grandma right away probably helped!

We got down there a little after 6, and Kevin dropped us off so my mom and I could go to where I was supposed to meet my running group. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anyone from the group. We waited around until we spotted Kevin and Drake looking for us, so we met up with them and then headed towards the start corrals. The corrals were in alphabetical order from fastest to slowest, and I was in corral K, which should tell you something about my running speed. 😛 Corral K was for a 2:20 half-marathon pace (1:10 quarter marathon.)

There was a lot of excitement in the air as the race started, but of course I had to walk for several minutes before even getting to the starting line because there were so many runners ahead of me. I kept reminding myself to TAKE THINGS SLOW. I always seem to start out too fast at races because of all the excitement and nervous energy. Well, despite my reminders, I did the same thing this time. On top of that, the course was pretty hilly, since we were running onto the freeway and going over a large bridge. The rain had stopped before the race started, but less than halfway into the race I was wishing it would start again.

I did all right for awhile, maintaining my distance behind the 2:20 pacers (with their big helpful sign that said “2:20”) pretty well, but at around 3.25 miles or so, after we turned around to get back on the bridge (uphill again!), my energy really started flagging and the pacers were WAY ahead of me. I really tried to talk myself into running at least to the 4-mile marker, but eventually I just had to walk for awhile. I started running again when the 2:30 pacers passed me. Once I made it to the crest of the bridge and started going downhill, things were a little easier again.

I did have to walk again for a bit during mile 6 (which, by the way, I’m pretty sure was way more than a mile. 😛 Actually, I think they all were. I probably ran about 50 miles that day.) Finally I was able to run the last 3/4 of a mile or so. I passed my family on the sidelines cheering for me, then rounded a corner and there was the finish line! I finished in 1:17:18, an 11:48 minute/mile pace. Not as fast a pace as the 10k I ran in March (which was about 11:30), but not too bad considering all the walking I did.

I even got a medal, which I wasn’t expecting; I thought only the half-marathoners got those!


Me, Kevin, Drake, and the Hoan Bridge

One thing that was cool is that a woman won the quarter marathon! (No, not me. I came in 1665th place out of 2090.) It was Ariana Hilborn; she’s 32 and has run in the Olympic marathon trials, and she’s only been running since 2007! It’s awesome to see someone who, like me, didn’t run at all in high school or college, and now she’s an elite runner! I doubt I’ll ever get to that point, but it’s still pretty inspiring. 🙂

Three weeks till half-marathon training starts! I’m going to try to keep doing at least two 3-3.5 mile runs during the week, and a 4-5 mile run on Saturdays, since we have to run 4 miles on the first day of training, and a mile further every week after that. I ran 3 miles today, which is the first time I’ve run since the race. Just gotta keep it up!


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